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condiciones de entrega - gatos siberianos

Our delivery conditions

1. Kittens are delivered at 12 weeks old (except for those that need to take a flight, which leave at 15-16 weeks old). However, we can always accommodate to your availability if required.

2. Each kitten comes with its official and recognized WCF pedigree, certifying the animal’s origins and the titles its ancestors have achieved. For us, the pedigree means much more than just titles. Our pursuit of the pure Siberian breed is what has led us to give importance to the pedigree. Knowing that there have been no crosses with other breeds in the last 15 generations, that inbreeding has been as low as possible, etc…

3. Kittens are provided with a veterinary record (even a passport if they are taking a flight) and all necessary vaccinations. A reminder for the trivalent vaccine is recommended at 4 months of age, as there have been cases where initial doses have not been effective due to the mother’s antibodies still present in the kittens.

4. The parents of the kittens have been genetically tested for various diseases: (PKD (polycystic kidney disease), HCM (cardiomyopathy), FIV (feline immunodeficiency (feline AIDS), FeLV (feline leukemia). Upon request, the reserved kitten’s DNA can be analyzed. Pet kittens are delivered neutered.

5. All kittens have a microchip that will need to be transferred to the new owner and registered in the autonomous community/country of residence. Kittens will come with a sample of their food and their favorite toy. This is an attempt to minimize the stress of the change in their home.


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