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Pure Siberian Cat Breeder

Welcome to our website dedicated to our beautiful Siberian cats. Explore our cats, the breed characteristics, upcoming litters, reservation and delivery conditions. For any questions, feel free to contact us by email or WhatsApp.

New Litters

We are delighted to announce that we have new litters. Visit our Instagram to discover our kittens.

Akly gato siberiano blanco hembre precio

Waiting List

Sign up now for our waiting list to enjoy exceptional priority! Delivery available in Europe. Reserve your feline companion today for a unique experience.

rusnik gatos siberianos negro precio

The Siberian Cat

The Siberian cat is a recognized breed known for its dense and luxurious coat, friendly, playful, and affectionate personality. It is one of the most hypoallergenic felines. Our breeding stands out for its emphasis on genetics and the pursuit of cats of the highest purity, with an excellent pedigree.

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Learn a little bit more about our cattery of Siberian Cats

Welcome to our world of Siberian cats, where passion meets pedigree. For years, our deep admiration for the intelligence, beauty, and hypoallergenic nature of Siberian cats has driven our commitment. As a family affair, our cattery holds the highest standards, ensuring the best cats with exceptional pedigrees. We maintain strong connections in Russia and Poland, the very origins of these magnificent felines, fostering close relationships with reputable sellers in these countries.

Our commitment to preserving the breed’s heritage led us to collaborate with renowned clubs such as the Club Felino de Madrid and the World Cat Federation. Proud members of special Siberian cat associations, we have been recognized as a distinguished cattery, suggesting the highest quality and ethical breeding practices.

At our cattery, the well-being of our cats is paramount. They enjoy spacious living areas with ample light, engaging toys, premium nutrition, playtime, and cuddles. Regular veterinary check-ups ensure their health and happiness. We hold all the necessary licenses, prioritizing the highest standards of care.

What sets us apart is our exclusive approach. We maintain an open and transparent relationship with our clients, guiding them through the entire process. From impeccable pedigrees to stunning photographs of each kitten, we offer an unparalleled experience. Deliveries include special gifts to ease the transition for our precious feline companions. Clients join an exclusive group for constant support, emphasizing trust, quality, and loyalty.

Choosing a Siberian cat from us is an invitation to an exclusive world of unparalleled beauty, trust, and lasting companionship.

Discover our beautiful Siberian cats.

rusnik gato siberiano


Gender : Male.
Birthday : 27/07/2022.
Characteristics : Black and white dots fur with green eyes.

feniks gato siberiano


Gender : Male.
Birthday : 16/07/2023.
Characteristics : White fur with green eyes.



Gender : Female.
Birthday : 25/05/2022.

Characteristics : Black tabby with green eyes. 



Gender : Female.
Birthday : 08/03/2023.
Characteristics : White fur with blue eyes.



Gender : Female.
Birthday : 08/08/2023.
Chracteristics : Tabby cream with green eyes.


For an exclusive journey behind the scenes and the latest updates, follow us to get an intimate glimpse into the world of our Siberian cats and their kittens.

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Pure Siberian Cats

We are here to answer your questions, provide detailed information about our Siberian cats, and offer any assistance you may need.